Bridging the gap between arcade level and hardcore simulation
​​You won’t need a 300 page manual to get off the ground, nor will you be carrying dozens of missiles when you fire up CAP2
CAP2 is an EA title progressing well towards completion.
All of the features listed here are available now, unless otherwise stated

Iconic, battle proven, versatile



Litening pod, AIM-9 Sidewinder,  AIM-120 AMRAAM,  AGM-65 Maverick, AGM-84 Harpoon, AGM-88 Harm, MK82 Bomb, MK83 Bomb, MK84 Bomb, LAU76
3D Cockpit: Cockpit illumination, AA and AG radar modes, MFD and HUD displays. Current selectable controls include: water injection, canopy latch, MFD buttons, gear, flap settings and more. Current animated controls include: flightstick, throttle and nozzle angle. We plan to make every part of the cockpit selectable during EA


Radio exchanges, background chatter and formation control commands


KC767 tanker, realistic hose physics, 3 difficulty levels or toggle to off


3D environmental audio


Harrier fuselage moddability and custom cockpit photo available now. Helmet art and fuel tanks to be added

a beautiful world
100% based on reality

Protect the straits of Hormuz
.... and train in some of the most iconic sites across the globe including: Yuma (Arizona), Kaneohe Bay (Hawaii) and The Mach Loop (Wales) 
Please note: Training sites and OpenStreetMap data is available from v810 due for release in late June.

Geographically accurate environmental lighting, based on longitude, latitude, date and time.

OpenStreetMap data
accurately places buildings, vegetation, rail and roads.

Accurate star map & realistic weather effects
TOD/lighting controls - 24hr cycle & advancing mission time to follow

Fully Dynamic, open ended campaign

Misson Genres
Air to air, air to land, maritime, training

Mission planner
Control your fleet and air assets, plan your mission waypoints and target ingress/egress together with your fleet formation, route and speed. Civillian traffic transit shipping lanes, enter & leave ports.

​Please note: mission cycles and planner are currently under priority development and will be finalised soon.

Made for VR
Oculus Rift, HTC Vive an Open VR compatible headsets


Multi Player
CAP2 is currently a single player game, but here's what will be available when we enable MP

Campaign co-op mode: take part in other players campaign missions or ask for help
Fleet vs Fleet: play co-op against an AI fleet or against other players
Send requests or opt for open invitation

USS Nassau (LHA-4)
with animated elevators, deck crane and deck tugs. Deck crew will be added soon.

CAP2 flight simulator screenshot showing f4 Phantom
CAP2 flight simulator screenshot showing Harrier, MIGS and USS Nassau (LHA-4) at dusk
F4 Phantoms
Fast attack boats
Ships & Submarines
​KC767 tanker
  1. CAP2 flight simulator screenshot showing Harrier, MIGS and USS Nassau (LHA-4)
  2. CAP2 flight simulator screenshot showing Harrier refueling with KC767 tanker
Rudder and MFD panel support
gamepad mode
Wide screen aspect ratios

Hardware Support